Affiliate Domination - Lesson 3

"How To Know A Product Is Making Someone Money Without Testing It Out Yourself - Saving You Hundreds Of Potentially Wasted Dollars!"


Today I want to talk to you about a strategy that the people in the direct mail and magazine marketing world have been using successfully for years, but it's not really caught on in the internet marketing world.

Here's the basic concept...

Step 1: Find a couple of websites that are advertising "somewhere".

Step 2: Monitor them over the course of a couple months and see if they continue advertising, wherever they're advertising.

If they continue advertising there for several months, chances are the ad they're buying is making them money.

If they stop advertising after a month, then they probably lost money.

As I said above, the magazine industry has been doing this for ages. You could pick up any magazine and pick 2-3 ads out of the magazine. Then keep track and see if they're advertising the following month. You can see if they changed their ad a bit, or if they completely stopped running their ad.

Doing this can give you a lot of insight into what's currently working for others and what's not. Let them do the hard work, spending all the money and writing the ads, while you just sit back and study what they're doing.

You might be asking... "How does this relate to the internet?"

Let me explain...

If you go to Google and do a search on anything. Let's just say "weight loss" for example.

You'll notice a bunch of ads appear on the right hand side of Google. Those are called Google Adwords, and I'm assuming you already know that.

Anyway, you can think of those as ads in a magazine. Pick a couple of them. Then monitor them over the course of a couple months. Even a single week, and see if they continue to advertise for the same keywords each and every day, week, month.

Monitor whether or not they've changed their ad in any way.

* Many times, Adwords users will be split testing to different ads to hopefully improve their clickthrough rate on their ad. The higher their clickthrough rate is (i.e. the more people that click their ad to visit their site) the more visitors they end up getting to their site.

Anyway, the smart Adwords users will be split testing their ads. As you monitor specific ads, you can tell whether or not they've modified their ad permanently to a different ad because they figured out which ad would get them more clicks.

Essentially, they're spending the money doing all
the research while you just watch and
monitor what they're doing.

Ok, here's the most practical way to do this.

Take out a notepad and write down 5-10 keywords or keyword phrases that you think would be pretty targeted to the type of product you're thinking about selling.

For example, let's say you found a product on Clickbank that was in the weight loss niche.

Some keywords off the top of my head would be:

  • weight loss eBook
  • how can I lose weight fast
  • online weight loss program

You want to get pretty specific. Don't go extremely broad like using the keyword "weight loss". That keyword might get the Adwords bidder a lot of clicks, but they would be so untargeted that it would be impossible to make a profit bidding on something so broad.

* As a side note, when I first started marketing on the internet, I owned a weight loss related website. I managed to get my website to the #2 position in Google for the keyword "weight loss", and #1 position for other really broad terms like weight loss program, weight loss tips, lose weight. Basically EVERY single broad keyword in the weight loss niche, I was #1 in Google for!

At the time I was so proud and happy to have my site appear that high. I was beating out companies like, and so on. There were something crazy like 500,000,000 sites I was beating.

Anyway, I got ALOT of free traffic to my site, but guess what? Hardly any of those people bought anything. Reason-being... Anyone that types in "weight loss" into Google could be looking for anything really. They're likely not looking to buy a "weight loss eBook". However, someone that typed in "weight loss eBook" into Google is likely looking to buy one.

So, the lesson is... Don't waste your time on such broad phrases. Look for long-tailed, specific phrases.

Ok, back to the topic at hand...

Once you come up with your list of 5-10 keyword phrases, go to Google and type each of them in.

Next, print off that Google search results page.

The next day, go back to Google and do it again

The next day, do it again

... and again, and again.

After roughly 1 week to a month is up, go back through your list of papers and look to see which advertisers are continuing to advertise for various keywords. The more data you can gather (i.e. the more days you can keep track of this) the more accurate your results will be.

If you find that certain websites are continuing to advertise with the same keyword day in and day out, they're likely making money from the keyword.

Then, all you need to do is setup an Adwords account. Bid on the keyword phrase they're bidding on. Write an ad that's similar to theirs. And advertise a similar product to theirs.

Again, let your competition spend the money doing the research and figuring out what makes money and what doesn't, while you just watch what they're doing. Once they've proven that specific words are making them money (i.e. they continue advertising with those words) swoop in and start doing what they're doing!

It sounds simple, and it is. But almost
nobody is using this technique.

So, that's the long way to do this. That's how I did it when I first got started. As I made more and more money doing this, I had enough money to have a program created to automatically keep track of this for me, so I didn't have to manually do anything.

This is what I do nowadays... You don't have to do it this way. It just saves me alot of hassle and time, so this is what I do.

Step 1: Open Affiliate Elite

Step 2: Select project 3 titled "Analyze Adwords Competition" and click ok

Step 3: Click the "add campaign button" located on the top as shown below.

Step 4: Input a campaign title. Basically just something to help me know what I'm keeping track of. For our example above I'd probably use a title like "weight loss niche". Select Google. Select 1. and press ok.

Step 5: Select the "add keywords" button as shown below.

Step 6: Input all of my keywords. Because I won't be monitoring the keyword manually, I can input as many words as I want. I'll typically input about 500 words at a time. Then click ok.

After I do this, you'll notice the words appear in the main screen. You'll see several columns, as shown below. Times Ran is the number of times the software has done a search for the keyword to monitor the websites. Days ran is the number of days it's been monitoring. Avg. ads found is the average number of websites advertising for each keyword.

This is good to know because if fewer and fewer people are advertising each keyword, you know it's probably not making people money, so they just drop off and stop advertising with it. Date added, which is just the date you input the keyword into the software. And Last ran, which is the last time the software checked the keyword.

Step 7: Next I'll click the "Run now" button located on the top left hand side of Affiliate Elite. When I do this, the button will change to "busy" and the fields will begin to populate as shown below.

Step 8: Click the "report" tab located on the top right and you'll immediately see all the websites advertising with the keywords that you input. This is the exact data that you would get if you manually went to google and did searches on every keyword. Then printed off the search results and created a spreadsheet with a summary of everything. And Affiliate Elite did this in a couple seconds!

Step 9: Next, you can click the + symbol next to any of the website addresses. When you do this, you'll see how many of the keywords you input the website is currently bidding on, as well as the ad they're using and so on. Below, you can see that "" is bidding on 2 of the keywords that we input.

  1. how to lose weight fast
  2. online weight loss program

As you'll recall from our last lesson, that link is a affiliate link. Remember the Ewen Chia affiliate link example I showed you yesterday?

Well, with this link, we now know that "ronabr" is an affiliate promoting the product "4idiots".

If you go to the clickbank marketplace and click on the "health and fitness" category, you'll see that one of the top ranked products is called "FatLoss4Idiots". That is their clickbank ID. So, now we know what prorgam they're promoting. Likewise, we could have just clicked on their affiliate link to see what program they're promoting.

In the example above, we can also see the exact ads this affiliate is using to advertise this site. See below:

You can se that their Adwords title is "Burn Fat 24/7/365" and their description is "Brand New Diet Plan Burns Fat Rapid Weightloss Day And Night"

Step 10: Now I'll set this to run on a schedule, automatically for me each and every day. Affiliate Elite will keep track of all of the keywords I input. I can then open up the report in 1 week, or 30 days, or as long as I want, and can see exactly how many of the days a specific advertiser has been advertising (bidding) on a specific keyword. I don't have to do this manually and waste time and PRINTER PAPER :-)

To do this, click the report tab on the top right, then click the schedule button, and then just follow the wizard to set up the scheduler to run the software at the date/times you want, as shown below:

After a month is up, I will know, without a doubt, which keywords are making people money. Then I can swoop in and use their keywords and advertise their product.

* In the example above, we could go to Clickbank and advertise the Fat Loss For Idiots product using the keywords that this person has proved is making them money!

So, there you have it. Another money making strategy you can use RIGHT NOW to make money. I hope you start taking action on this stuff, as it's some of the best real-world, money making advice you'll find anywhere.

That's it for today. Tomorrow you'll be getting another doozy of a strategy from me. One that is probably my personal favorite of the bunch. So, be on the lookout!

Talk soon,

Brad Callen
Affiliate Marketer

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