Affiliate Domination - Lesson 1

"My Secret To Finding Profitable Products To Promote As An Affiliate!"


Hi, my name is Brad Callen. For those that don't know me, I've been marketing on the internet for roughly 7 years. In that time, I've been fortunate enough to make millions of dollars. By the age of 26, I was completely out of debt and had my first $1,000,000+ year.

I know it sounds crazy. Every day I'm amazed just how much money is possible to make on the internet. At 25 I had just quit my day job working in a cubicle for a small computer consulting company in Indiana. The funny thing is, I worked that day job while earning $500,000/year doing "part-time" internet stuff.

I still remember walking in to meetings at work and thinking to myself...

"What am I doing here. I could be at home, having
fun, building my own business."

I basically just day dreamed through every meeting.

Anyway, I know you're not here to listen to my story, but you're here to learn HOW I got to where I am today and even more, how YOU can get to that point to.

So, let's get started! Oh, and one more final thing before I start teaching you how to make a crapload of money on the internet... What I'm about to teach you in each of these lessons, others are SELLING for hundreds to thousands of dollars and people are buying it, because it's this information that is making lots of online millionairres.

I can promise you that if you take action on what I'll be teaching you, you WILL be able to make enough money to quit your day job. That I can promise. Making 6 figures on the internet is not hard at all once you know what to do. I promise.

Alright, now let's get started... for real :-)

I believe the easiest and fastest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. I'm assuming you already know what that is, but if not, let me give you a quick explanation...

Affiliate marketing is essentially where you would find someone else's product to promote. They would give you, what's called, an affiliate link. This affiliate link is unique to you. You would then use this affiliate link to refer other people to purchase THEIR product. If someone that you refered purchased their product, you would get a cut of the profit.

It's pretty simple really. You promote other people's stuff. You make money. You don't have to mess with customer support, product fullfillment, or anything else that is related to selling your own product... like actually MAKING A PRODUCT! :-)

All you do is find something that someone else is selling. Get a special affiliate link from them. Then promote the product with your affiliate link. Moving on...

Where is the best place to find products to promote?

There are affiliate programs everywhere on the internet. I would estimate that there are close to 1 billion affiliate programs on the internet.

With that said, I would never promote some sort of "physical product" like a lawn mower, refrigerator, tool set, dishes, etc... The reason is that the commission percentage (i.e. the amount of money you would get from the sale) is always VERY VERY low. For example, some dishes might sell for something like $100, but the commission percentage, if you were their affiliate, would only be something lik 5%.

Take 5% of $100 and that's $5.00. It would take ALOT of sales at $5.00 to make 6 figures in a year, wouldn't it?

So, don't promote anything that's a physical product.

* What I would recommend is that you promote information products or downloadable software.

Specifically "downloadable" information products and "downloadable" software. The reason for this is because the markup on these types of products is nearly 100%. It costs the owner of the product almost nothing to sell and eBook or a downloadable software program.

Because of this, they can reward their affiliates by giving them much higher cuts of each person they refer to buy their product. Commission percentages from anywhere from 40% to 75% are NOT uncommon at all. In fact, I would never promote a product that as a commission rate of anything lower than 40%.

The best place to find downloadable information products (i.e. eBooks) or downloadable software is at a place called

Let me preface this by saying I'm starting slowly to make sure you have a solid foundation to grasp all the more advanced things I'll be teaching you. So, if you already know this, bear with me.

Go ahead and go there now and follow along with me:

I believe in showing lots of real-life examples, since I personally learn best this way.

Once you're there, click on the link on the top right that says "marketplace" as shown below:

You'll then be taken to the Clickbank Marketplace. You'll see a list of a bunch of different categories.

Go ahead and select a category and then you'll see all of the various products that you could potentially promote as an affiliate.

Below each product you'll see a bunch of links and data. I'll explain the data later, but for now... if you wanted to promote one of these products, all you'd need to do is click on the link labeled "create hoplink" as shown below:

Then input your clickbank username. If you don't have one, you'll just need to create a clickbank account, which is entirely free.

You'll notice there are a TON of different products you can promote.

If you already know what Clickbank is, just ignore everything I said above. I just want to lay down a solid foundation before I get into the more advanced, specific, money making strategies. It's critical that you know the basics before diving into the specific money making stuff.

Alright, so...

The main problem that most affiliates run into here, is they know they need to promote downloadable information product OR downloadable software. They know to look for products that have commission percentages between 40-75% and most try to only promote products that are 70% or higher.

The problem is, almost all affiliates have no clue how to find a product that will actually sell well. It's absolutely critical to not promote a product that has a low conversion rate. Meaning, products that nobody wants to buy are clearly not good products to promote. Makes common sense...

Ok, so how do you find products that will likely sell well?

Step 1: Go to the Clickbank Marketplace

Step 2: Select a category.
Tip: I've found that the business to business category tends to sell the best

Step 3: Take note of the stats/data below each product. You'll see something like the following:

$/sale: $30.44 | Future $: - | Total $/sale: $30.44 | %/sale: 75.0% | %refd: 75.0% | grav: 123.91

$/sale is the amount of money that you will make if you promote their product and make a sale. $30.44 is much better than the $5.00 you'd get if you sold some dishes :-)

Future $ is if the product is a monthly/recurring billing product, like a membership site where their buys would pay them every single month. Those products tend to be good products to promote. In the case above, that is not a recurring/membership style website.

Total $/sale is the amount of money that you would get if you sold their product right now, today. Whereas, the $/sale figure we talked about above is an average amount, including any refunds that customers have done in the past.

%/sale is the commission percentage. So, if the product costs $100, you would get $75 per sale.

%refd is the percentage of sales made of this product that were referred by their affiliates. In the example above, 75% of their product sales were made by their affiliates.

grav stands for gravity. This is the total number of affiliates that have made 1 or more sales of this product in the past 8 weeks. This number is good to know. You know that over 100 other people have currently told atleast 1 copy of this product... so it is possible to sell it as an affiliate.

Alright, now that you know the basics of what all those mean, let's get into the specifics on what you should be looking for.

I ONLY care about Total $/sale, %/sale, and gravity.

It's good to know roughly how much money you'll make per sale.

I only promote stuff that is 50% or higher in commission percentage. You'll find that almost every CB product is atleast 50%.

And then gravity, which I keep a constant watch over. Gravity is extremely important.

Here's one of my secret strategies that
works almost every single time.

The problem with it, is that it can take a few weeks to get enough data to see if a product is being promoted successfully by other affiliates. That's the key. You want to only promote other products that have have proven themselves to sell well for other affiliates. Then, just copy what they're doing to make money for yourself.

Ok, so what you should do is...

1. Open up an excel spreadsheet.

2. Label 4 columns: Date, Product name, Rank, Gravity

3. Go the CB marketplace and select a category. I'd suggest selecting the business to business category.

4. Browse through the products there. The products are listed in order from the product that is making the most money for the product owner, to the product that is making the least money. The products at the very top aren't necessarily the best to promote. Although they can be.

5. You'll want to click on each of the products and visit their sales page.

There are several specific things you absolutely must see or you probably should even consider promoting them, which include...

  • Does the product have nice graphics or do they look extremely amateur. If the site just looks really bad, it's likely that the product won't sell very well.
  • Does the sales page have an optin form. This is a form where they collect the visitors name and email address so they can follow-up with the visitor later, and try to sell them their product.
  • Does the sales page have a header graphic. If it doesn't have a header graphic, it's probably not a site that converts very well.
  • Does the website quite a few testimonials? or proven results? There needs to be testimonials from current users of the product. If there are no testimonials OR no screenshots or videos showing that the product does whatever it's promising it will do, then it likely isn't one that will convert well.

5. Once you find a product that has all or most of these, I want you to type it into your spreadsheet. In the date field, put today's date. In the product name field, put the name of the product. In the rank column, put the current rank in the CB marketplace that the product is located. And in the gravity column, but the current gravity of the product.

6. Do this for atleast 5 different products.

7. Save the spreadsheet and then come back tomorrow and return to the CB marketplace and look at the gravity and rank of each of the products, and place it into your spreadsheet. You'll want to do this for atleast 1 week. The longer you can do it, the more data you'll have, and the better chance of knowing whether or not it is a profitable product to promote.

8. After a week is up, I want you to look at your spreadsheet. You want to look for products that have a gradually increasing gravity number. This means that each day, more and more people are promoting the product.

Now, let's think about why this is helpful. If the product was not converting into sales, then likely those that WERE promoting it woudl stop because they weren't making any more. So, the gravity level would slowly decrease over time. If the gravity level is increasing, you know that it's making people money, so more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

This is exactly what you want to do.

In most cases, after only 1 week, unfortunately there probably won't be a major difference in the rank OR the gravity. But it "could" give you a little more clarity as to whether or not the product is a good one to promote. If you were able to do this for 2-3 months, you would know for certain if a product will make you money or not. That's one of the major problems that affiliates run into. They're just not willing to take the time to do this. And I don't blame them.

2-3 months is a ridiculous amount of time to wait to see if a product might make you money, and that's why most people can't use this sweet strategy for finding profitable products.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret that
I've been doing for years.

It's something that allows me to not have to wait 2-3 months and collect this data manually.

Remember, I mentioned that I used to work in a cubicle for a computer consulting company? Well, I have a pretty strong background in computers, so my brain tends to think about ways I can automate a lot of things.

Anyway, let me show you how I do all the stuff about in only a couple minutes.

Step 1: Open a program called Affiliate Elite

Step 2: Select the project titled "Find profitable affiliate products to promote" and click the "ok" button.

Step 3: Select the business to business category from the drop down menu on the right.

Step 4: Click on one of the products in the top frame.

Step 5: Click on the "gravity" tab located at the bottom of the software.

Step 6: Click on the + magnifying glass located on the bottom right, which allows me to zoom out at a range of 30 days.

Step 7: Look at the graph and look for one that is increasing over time, like I mentioned above. And that's it! I found a profitable product to promote in a little under 3 minutes :-)

I've developed Affiliate Elite to actually monitor the Clickbank marketplace data 24/7 and keep track of any changes in their gravity, rank, etc. Then, I just use the software and it graphs out all the the changes and visually shows me which products more and more people are making money with every day.

It's basically like a snapshot of months of data and manual work that many successful affiliates are using to find profitable products to promote. I love it :-)

Alright, that wraps up this first lesson. I hope you've really enjoyed this first lesson. I'm just getting started, so keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's lesson where I show you another way to find products that convert to sales.

Stay tuned for an email from me tomorrow!

Talk soon,

Brad Callen
Affiliate Marketer